Animal feeds.

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Our products

We produce high quality products that range from dairy products,poultry products  and pig products.Our products stand out due to the high quality and  affordable prices

Dairy Meal

Our dairy meal comes in different packages mainly 10 Kg bags, 20 Kgs and 70 Kgs. The products are well formulated to ensure high yields from your cattle always. 

Our Main brands are:

Dairy Meal mwanzo:

  • Ideal for heifers that are not producing yet
  • Good for body maintenance and in calf health promotion
  • Feed to appetite at all times

Dairy Meal Standard:

  • Carefully formulated to meet the nutrient requirement for milk production.
  • Fed to adult milking cows!
  • Reduces the need for direct minerals
  • Increases milk production
  • Ideal for cows producing less than 20Ls per day
  • Feed dry and allow 1kg for every 2ls of milk produced!

High Yield:

  • Ideal for lactating cows with production of more than 20Ls per day
  • Contains a high level of protein and energy
  • Sustains high levels of milk production.
  • Rich in yeast cells that boost rumen microbial action
  • Laced with broad spectrum mycotoxin binders

Poultry Feeds

Our poultry feeds also come in three different packs of 10Kgs, 20Kgs and 70Kgs. We have different types of poultry feeds which include:

Chick Mash:

  • Fed to day old chicks until they are 8weeks old!
  • Ensures proper frame setup and body tissues development!
  • Ensures early onset of lay (18weeks)
  • Early achievement of lay weight (1.5-1.65Kgs)
  • Early peak production…26weeks!
  • Control of feed borne diseases, e.g. coccidiosis.

Broiler Starter:

  • Fed to broiler chicks from day old to three weeks of age!
  • Faster weight gain!
  • Proper frame development through muscle disposition!
  • Prevents coccidiosis!

Feed a total of 1kg in this period… approx 47.6g/day/ chick! 

Layers Mash:

Fed to adult laying birds from point of lay (18weeks) to culling (15months).

Fed in a 30%vs70% morning-evening basis! (42g/d/bird and 98g/d/bird)

Carefully formulated to provide all nutrients for laying hens to produce an average of 330 eggs per laying year!

Daily feed intake of approximately 140g/day/bird! 

Kienyeji Mash:

  • Fed to adult laying birds from point of lay (18weeks) to culling (15months).
  • Fed in a 30%vs70% morning-evening basis! (42g/day/bird and 98g/day/bird)
  • Carefully formulated to GRADUALLY AND STEADILY provide all nutrients for indiginous laying hens to produce an average of 50 eggs per laying period!

Daily feed intake of approximately 105g/day/bird! 




Our core business is the delivery of Animal feeds  to a broad range of clients in the agricultural sector as well as large scale and small scale farmers. We do this through focusing on the needs of our client’s through sourcing of quality products, building and implementing the right formulations for farm feeds products so as to deliver maximum outputs for the farmers. We have specialists and industry experts who develop best-practices and best of animal feed solutions.

Pig feeds:

Our pig feeds fall into two major categories:

Sow and weaner:

  • A balanced diet for growing and breeding pig!
  • Carefully formulated to ensure fast growth rate and good carcass weight and quality lean meat (good marbling and low back fat thickness)
  • Promotes milk production for the sow!
  • Boosts fertility!
  • Early weight gain, less than 6 months!
  • Optimum piglets per sow per year!
  • Feed dry and allow 2.25kg per sow per day but…
  • sow-during the first month of pregnancy feed 2.5-3.5kgs per day!
  • second month and third month of pregnancy feed 1.5-3.5kg !
  • fourth month of pregnancy – 2.5-3.5kg per day!
  • after furrowing feed 2.5kg for sow and additional 0.25 kg for each piglet!
  • after weaning at 60kg body weight, feed to appetite!


Pig Finisher:

  • Fed to finishing pig to facilitate fast growth and maturity without much fat deposition!
  • Highly desirable carcass (porker/bacon)
  • Achieving market weights at optimum period and thus many crops per year!
  • Beckoners and heavy hogs share the same diet!
  • Baconers-feed maximum of 2.5kgs per day from when the pics are 60kgs until 90kg


  • Heavy hogs.feed a maximumof 3kg per day from when the pigs are 60kg to 100-110kgs!