For all animal feeds raw materials


. Molasses is used in the process of animal feed production as one of the ingredients. All types of animal feeds require some amount of sugar(molasses) for the proper balances to be maintained. In other instances molasses is directly applied on fodder to make it sweet for the animals. Most farmers increase the appetite of their animals by making them addicted to molasses. The sugary taste mixed with water and fodder increases the appetite for animals

Wheat Pollard/Bran

Bran, also known as miller’s bran, is the hard outer layers of cereal grain. It consists of the combined aleurone and pericarp.Wheat pollard is a byproduct during wheat milling.It is produced by sieving the wheat bran from flour when milling.These product is very vital in feed manufacturing since it builds on the nutritional value of the feed!

Maize Germ/Bran


These are byproducts during the maize milling process. They are very nutritious material since they acts as a fast class source of crude fibre and energy. They also aids in attaining the right feed texture and the right color. In most cases, aesthetically, They popularly used for feeds that are intended to have a rough lookout!

Cotton Cake

Cotton seed is crushed in the mill after removing lint from the cotton plant. The seed is further crushed to remove any remaining linters or strands of minute cotton fibres. The seeds are further hulled and polished to release the soft and high-protein cake. These cakes of the cottonseed are then mixed with other types of grains in order to make it suitable for the livestock feed. Cottonseed Meal and Cottonseed Cakes are the most abundantly available natural sources of protein and fiber used to feed livestock      

cotton seed meal

Cottonseed hulls serve as an excellent source of feed for the livestock as they contain about 8% of cotton linters which have nearly 100% cellulose in them. They require no grinding and easily mix with other feel sources. As they are easy to handle, their transportation cost is fairly low as well. Due to a superior nutrition quality, cottonseed hulls they serve as valuable digestive sources for animals.

Sunflower Cake

Sunflower meal is one of the major protein sources in livestock feed, especially dairy cattle, chickens and even pigs and rabbits. It has a high protein, fiber and oil content. It has a protein content of between 29- 30% and a crude fiber content of 27-31% and lignin (9-12%) and lysine (3.5%).

Soya Meal

Soybean meal also known as soya bean oil cake is a solid residue by-product created after grinding the soybean to extract soybean oil. It is widely used as a filler and source of protein in animal diets, including pig, chicken, cattle, horse, sheep, and fish feed. Soya bean meal is ideally made from high-quality, clean, and dehulled yellow beans

Full Fat soya

Many soybeans grown today are fed to livestock as full-fat beans. This is a change from the traditional practice of extracting the oil for human consumption and feeding the remaining meal to livestock. With varieties now available that will mature in the Maritimes, farmers are showing considerable interest in the place that soybeans might play in their cropping and feeding programs.

boxing service

This product is a byproduct of de-oiling the sunflower seeds. Through solvent extraction, we obtain D.O.C Sunflower Cake. It is a highly nutritious product in the feed formulation since it has a very high level of protein