Bygrace, through the directors are involved in very active socio-economic activities within Misuuni Village, Kathiani District within Machakos County. The otherwise predominantly dry area is slowly but sure turning into an oasis farmland courtesy of By Grace Farm Feeds director’s initiative.

The directors have initiated a showcase farm where farmers from the area come for training. The farm is complete with dairy and poultry rearing, crop husbandry under drip irrigation.

 The families in the area have benefitted with water from boreholes sunk by the Japanese Embassy through the initiative of By Grace Farm Feeds directors. A successful farming scheme, under green houses has been initiated taking advantage of the availability of the water from the boreholes.From the Japanese Embassy, a total of Kshs 14 Million was granted and the handing over of the funds witnessed in a groundbreaking ceremony held on 4th March 2015. Gracing the occasion, His Excellence Mr. Tatsushi Terada-The Ambassador of Japan promised more support to the community in the near future.

Another development initiative has been undertaken by frontiers without boundaries of U.S.A. The organization has completed a development visibility study and allocated funds to sink seven boreholes, expand and conserve a water bond and support green house farming activities. The work is scheduled to start in the month of July 2015.It is through these development initiatives that Patrick Mailang’a, the Managing Director of By Grace Farm Feeds has been appointed the Patron for development projects within the district.

The Directors of By grace are interested in development projects within Machakos County. Mr. Mailang’a is in the frontline of Machakos County investment initiative under the able directorship of Hon. Alfred Mutua, the Governor of Machakos County.By grace is one of the local companies which have been allocated a slot in the development plan of the county, where it will develop animal feeds manufacturing plant.

One of the most significant contributions undertaken by the directors of Bygrace Farm Feeds is the  ‘JESUS IS LORD CAMPAIGN.’.Using their buses and resources, under the able leadership of Prophet Beatrice Wanyoike and Bishop George Wanyoike of JESUS EMBASSY MINISTRIES, they have reached many souls in almost all the parts of Kenya. The JESUS CAMPAIGN has empowered and opened many remote areas and brought to light a number of Churches which are now vibrant.Many churches have benefitted by way of receiving sound equipments, support in construction of church buildings, sponsorship to access education and supporting of the disadvantaged children in the community.

 The JESUS CAMPAIGN has now crossed borders and the Servants of God are reaching out to Germany and other countries.The Directors of By Grace Farm Feeds play an intergral role in the movement.