Mr. Patrick Mailanga

Managing Director
The company is under the leadership of two pioneer directors (Mr. Patrick Mailanga and Mrs Frachiah Mailanga) who hatched the idea more than ten years ago. From a humble beginning of supplying a few tones of molasses the company has penetrated to command a large market in the distribution of animal feeds raw materials and is now a formidable manufacturer of animal feeds.

Mr Patrick Mailanga who is the company's vision bearer is really dedicated towards the success of the company. As an experinced businessman he has a vast potential in the stewardship of the company towards greater heights. Through the help of our God, the wisdom and intellect of our directors, the company has attained a speedy growth rate that has made us attain an admirable position in the market.All Great Leaders in all spheres of life have one thing in common;“A CLEAR VISION AND MISSION AND A BURNING DESIRE TO ACHIEVE”.
I am proud to be associated with By Grace Farm Feeds Ltd.The achievements attained within a span of one decade is a clear manifestation that the Vision was clear and well translated through the various facets of the business including but not limited to: Human Resource, Our Customers, Our Suppliers, Our Bankers and the entire infrastructure.
I can categorically attest to the fact that I have witnessed and actively participated in the evolving of the business empire that is now BY GRACE FARM FEEDS LTD. From one employee to more than a hundred today, covering almost the entire country, without fear of contradiction, the company has achieved more than what ordinary businesses can achieve within the short period.The name By Grace is recognizable in the entire animal feeds industry, not only in Kenya but also in Tanzania and Uganda where most of the raw materials are sourced from.

Mrs. Frachiah Mailanga

Sales and Marketing Director

Frachiah Mailang’a is the director in charge of Sales and Marketing.She loves marketing and views herself as more of a marketer than a director of the Company.

Frachiah, together with Patrick started the business in the year 2000 as a household income providing avenue to substitute what Patrick earned from his employment as an army officer. At the initial stages, Frachiah could do any sort of supply just to make ends meet. She supplied foodstuffs to city hotels sourced from the open market and other cores which could come her way.

Her persistence in the trade finally resulted into the idea of venturing into animal feed supply. The first product that introduced the family into the business of animal husbandry was Molasses. Other products followed and today, after one decade of persistence, the Company has a large market in the animal husbandry in Kenya.

Frachiah remains number one sales person in the Company.An outgoing, straight to the point, coupled with her personality has found favor in many leading animal feed manufacturing Companies. She has a unique approach to issues and will always avoid controversy. She lets go where it must and finally wins it later.

Frachiah is in charge of raw materials supply. She has won the hearts of the management of most leading animal feed manufacturers in the country.Through her effort and able leadership, the more than 80 company staff look up to her for guidance and direction.As an administrator, Frachiah is very analytical and makes decisions based on accurate information and well presented facts. She is a role model to the management staff who look up to her for direction most of the time.

As a risk taker, Frachiah has no boundaries. She introduces products into the market with no fear at all. She will approach any organization and finally gets the right information about any product the Company intends to introduce into the chain of supply.As a director, Frachiah has a determination to succeed, with a clear vision to take the Company to greater heights.

Mr.Peter Mbagara

Senior Accountant
Peter a Certified Public Accountant finalist (CPA-K). Peter has a wide experience in working with animal feeds Companies, having worked as a senior accountant in one of the big Farm Feeds around for a period of 6 years. His articulate to details and mastery in accounting has transformed the systems in By Grace since he joined the company .He is in-charge of budgeting and budgetary controls. He plans for the Company and executes all the financials of the Company.He leads a team of qualified staff under the accounts department.Peter is also charged with the responsibility of overseeing the Company operations as the Senior Company Manager

Mr. Lincoln Mutemi

Sales and Marketing Manager

The Sales and Marketing department prides in the leadership of a vast and very experienced leader; Mr Lincoln Mutemi. Through his tremendous dedication to the company goals and objectives, customer excellence strategies, and focused application of the sales techniques, he has grown the company's sales department to a remarkable level.

Together with the Production Manger and the Sales and Marketing Director, he is entirely in charge of our marketing operations to ensure that customer demands are met on time and in appropriate quality and quantity. Through his sales leadership, the company has penetrated to command a large market in the distribution of animal feeds and animal feed raw materials.The Company started with sales department with one product-Molasses more than ten years ago.There was one salesman, without any knowledge of what molasses was but the ambitious, determined Lincoln Mutemi pushed his way through the market.

His persistence finally opened doors and molasses was in demand as an ingredient to production of animal feeds.Later the Company introduced other products including Cotton Seed Cake, Sunflower Seed Cake, Maize germ, and Rice polish and wheat pollard. All these products have passed through able hands of Mr. Lincoln who is the pioneer salesman of the Company.The pioneer sales manager with a hands on experience leads a team of 8 salespeople.He is the manager behind the planning of the itenerary, sales zones, credit management and logistics of deliveries to the customers.Lincoln loves his position and he is determined to steer the Company to greater heights.

Charles Kyalo

Transport Manager

Transportation in By Grace is an integral function of all the operations.The man charged with the responsibility of planning the itinerary, allocation of vehicles, repairs and maintenance, driver placements and road logistics management, Mr Charles Kyalo has a heart to push on.

With an experience of more than ten years in transportation industry, Mr. Kyalo has mastered the art of transportation.

His support to the company is inevitably very valuable and he fully understands the daunting task ahead of him and off course the risk and apparent loss to the company if the department is not well managed.The effective deliveries of goods, both raw materials and finished products to intended destinations and at the right time are some of the issues that occupy the transport manager.

With a diploma in Business Management, Kyalo has what it takes to manage the transport department and has a capacity to handle more vehicles.

Anne Mararo

Human Resource Manager

By Grace Farm Feeds Ltd prides in the excellent skills of our HR manager! Through her tremendous input on employee welfare, training needs, and placement strategies, the company has been in a position to acquire the right workforce behind customer excellence. Through her mentor-ship, she has set high expectations for self and direct reports of employees, she has enhanced the adoption of appropriate leadership and appraisal styles to meet the company goals individually and collectively, and she has also build on effective coaching techniques to maximize on output! It is notable that she has had an upper hand in enhancing perfect blend between top and middle level management.

By Grace Farm feeds through its HR department believes in hiring professionals to deliver customer value in its value chain. Through the competence in the HR manager, the company has always walked safe in the hands of the hired employees. It is also a plus to us to have a HR department that has always embraced employee career development through training and welfare uplifting!