Our Trailers

The Company provides a wide range of transportation services. From semi-trailers of capacity more than 50 tons, 10 ton trucks and 2 ton picks. This provides the customer with choice according to the quantity of the product required. The Company supplies raw materials using its semi-trailers from Tanzania and Uganda. For finished products, most customers prefer small quantities mainly supplied in 10 ton trucks.

Our Tracks

One of the contributing factors towards the success of Bygrace brands is the existence of extensive distribution network that enables the customer to purchase the products at the nearest outlet. Commanding a fleet of over 16 trucks, Bygrace provides an accomplished supply chain that ensures timely delivery of the company products to the market.

Our Tankers

Bygrace transport and logistics department plays a crucial role in the supply chain process and offers a simple, cost effective solution to the organizations transportation needs within the regions covered. Our main priority is to provide our customers with superior service and thus is reinforced by our ever efficient transportation system.We offer transport services to and from Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and any other destination of choice within Africa.

Our fleet has a carrying capacity of up to 50 tons, all of which come from reputable manufacturers such as Scania and Mercedes Benz. The company provides containerized semi-trailers, flat bed semi-trailers and ten ton box body services. Committed to excellence and enhanced by experience, Bygrace transportation aims to ensure that your transportation needs are met from the start to finish. Our transport facilities are affordable and convenient. You call us and we locate you.


This is a quick means of getting our products to our clients for medium sized orders!

Mini Buses:

By Grace Farm Feeds has diversified its business into the public transport and is proud to offer public transport between Kahawa West and Nairobi CBD!



22 January 2015