Employee welfare.

By Grace Synergy (Social Welfare) was started in year 2015 with a vision to cater for all by grace farm feeds staffs welfare. The scheme is operated by the Human resource department in affiliation with a few elected members who belong to the same group. The welfare has been making concerted efforts to provide welfare programmes to the staffs and its main purpose is to cater for social and economic needs for the staffs. The welfare has rule and regulations which governs it’s running and moreover a constitution which spells outs the do’s and don’ts for every members before and after committing him/herself to the welfare. Some of the policies which govern the welfare include:

  • All By Grace Farm Feeds staffs qualify to be part of the welfare.
  • Members include all staffs of By Grace Farm Feeds Ltd, Kahawa West Coaches, By Grace Farm (Machakos).
  • Members registration fee is compulsory.
  • Every new member joining the Welfare tends to be active after three months of contribution.
  • Every member has to fill an entry form for authentication

Major achievements of the Synergy covers are:

  • New born
  • Staff hospitalization : Under the Scheme, financial assistance to all our staff in time of sickness has been bestowed to them!Wedding/dowry
  •  Wedding anniversary

All our monies are deposited safe in the bank! Our future plans entails the formation of an employee SACCO that will cater for employee welfare needs through loans and dividends pay-ups!